Why Choose A Wedding Photojournalist?

With our experience in the industry and our passion for what we do, it's also our duty as photographers, to educate and explain to our couples a little about our natural style of candid photography (photojournalism), about how we work and why you would choose us to capture your day.

Wedding Photojournalism, Our Style

Your Photographer should reflect you

Before you book your photographer there are many things to consider for you and your partner.

The most important thing to consider in our eyes, is their style of photography. Their style is ultimately your style, and making sure you and your photographer are the right fit will make sure you get the images and experience you want. Ask yourself; “does your photographer represent who you are?” just as your dress and your venue represents you.

Two Styles to consider

At the moment, there are predominantly two styles of photography on the market. One is posed and directed photography, whilst the other is natural and candid photography. The last is professionally known as photojournalism. Photojournalism is our style of photography and this is what we do best.

Photojournalism (candid natural story telling)

Photojournalism is about telling a story, and capturing the moment. It's about the art of spontaneity, realism and emotions. It is intimate and personal representing how you are as a couple. It records the scenery, the surroundings the colours the architecture and most importantly the feelings and emotions. It records your story on your day in a relaxed and natural manner.

Posed and directed

We love posed photography and there are some truly amazing photographers who do an excellent job at posed photography. Posed photography is great if you love to be directed and are more comfortable on the stage. The result though at the end will be that your images will capture the art of you photographer and what he wants to create. Often though stunning, these images tend to have the same posses and stances in each wedding.

Why photojournalism

For us, we believe a wedding should not be staged or contrived. A wedding is a day where you should live the moment, feel the emotion and take in the surroundings, the people and the love.

With our style you can do all that, as we don’t steal you or your bridal party away for long photo sessions, making you stop and pose. Instead we follow you around as inconspicuously as possible capturing the day, letting you enjoy and live the moment whilst we observe you. This does not mean you won’t get portraits or family pics, it means that you will have them when you are interacting with those around you in a natural way without cheesy forced faces. As well with our style you will have one less thing to worry about on the day, and you can enjoy yourselves knowing your photographer has you covered without being in the way. The other thing that we find, is that men appreciate our candid style, as normaly men are more into having a good time with their mates instead of being dragged away from the fun for a long posed shoot.

Trend or not to Trend

Australia is a country where we read a lot of magazines and follow lots of trends and are greatly influenced by the media. From food and fashion to holidays and all the way to wedding photography and styling. Trends are fun and can be great to follow of course, but trends also sadly date. When it comes to wedding photography, we feel it should be something that is timeless and your album should last an eternity. As should your memories. Photojournalism is a style that is timeless. It can be seen over the years in the works of great photographers and it will be seen for years to come. With photojournalism, we tell a story so we capture your style and your wedding as it is. If your wedding is set in the country side with vintage styling, (venue, hair make up, dress…) then your album will have a vintage flavour, as our work is to capture the story, the couple and the setting as it is. But if your wedding has an industrial setting and styling, your photos and album will reflect this. This is the art of a good wedding photojournalist, to be faithful with the story and don’t

fake situations.

How to choose a real photojournalist

Photojournalism is starting to make headway here, whilst in Europe it is already quite the norm.

Many photographers are jumping on the bandwagon saying they are candid and natural, but in our professional opinion, some of them are not. We believe you need to be good at what you do.

Often we have had clients come to us asking whether we do posed photography for weddings, and we have had to tell them that we are not their photographers. As a couple it's important for you to know what is real photojournalism or natural photography, and how to discern between posed and natural. It is important to know why you would choose one over the other. Remember your photographer should speak as you do as a couple. A real photojournalist or candid photographer, will not make you pose. They will want to get to know you and your partner and to build trust and understanding with you in order to be a part of your life for a day so they can capture you and your story as it is.

Post Production

As our style is natural, we believe in following this through the whole process, from getting to know you, to the wedding day and through to the production and design of your album. We don't use filters and we don't over photoshop you or your wedding. If you want to have your wedding captured as a styled postcard then we are not your photographers, but if you want a photographic memoir of high couture fashion and beauty, full of details and emotion, capturing your story, then you have come to the right place. We want you to open your album, and to see yourselves in each picture as you are, re-living the emotion, bringing back a tear, a laugh and smile. That makes

us happy.

Your Photographer And Your Videographer

This brings me to our final point. And one that is really important. When you choose a videographer we really suggest that they must have the same photojournalistic and candid approach as your photographer. Just as your shoes have to match your dress. You need to really be certain of this. Why? Because if they are more posed and contrived, there will be a lot of stopping and starting and a break in the harmony and continuity of the day. As well, we as your photographers, may not end up capturing you in all your natural beauty enjoying the moments of the day. Instead we will have contrived faces and smiles whilst your videographer produces a detailed hollywood production. And to be fair, neither of them will deliver the product that made you book them.

To End

So when you choose a photographer first ask yourselves what is your style? Who are we as a couple? Do you want to enjoy every single moment as it happened or do you prefer to have your wedding captured as a styled postcard with repetitive formulas. Then, if you decide your style is natural and candid, find a photographer that really has a background in photojournalism, who does not make you pose and who most of all wants to know your needs as a couple in order to capture and retell your story as it happened, the raw emotion, the people, the setting, and the feelings that are bought back to life in the images for ever.

The best compliment that our custiloemrs can tell us when they seen their picture is to say “thats us".

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