Capturing the very essence of "us."

Sydney Wedding Photographer

What makes us happy is when we are told by our couples that we have captured their story and most importantly "them".

Recently when we added one of the amazing pieces of photojournalism that we captured from the wedding of Alex and Clinton in Peppers Manor House, to Facebook, Alex responded to us, the following: "Thank you guys for capturing our day(s) in July. You have given us an amazing set of memories and captured the very essence of 'us'"

We then asked him, in his own words to explain why he believed the photo captured who they are:

“During our wedding days in Canberra and the Southern Highlands many pictures were taken and to say we love them ALL is an understatement. However, as might be expected a couple of the pictures are absolute gold and are true favourites.

One picture was, for us, a standout. In one picture, without being planned or expected (we don’t even really recall it being taken specifically!) in fact truly captures the day and (somehow) in fact portrays a true representation of our lives as both individuals, as friends, as family, as parents and I suppose (taking into account the day!!)…… as a couple.

Let me explain, in this picture we have our wedding party. There are the Broomsmen (we both had 2) and our Broomsmaids (one each) along with our 2 children. These people encapsulate a huge breadth of our lives together and prior. Clinton is a nurse at RPA and so we have a number of nurses and and ambo (who are past and present RPA), but we have built friendships separately aswell as together. Both the Broomsmaids are former RPA Emergency nurses!! I work outside the health service in Project Management and General Management………we have 2 former co-workers / bosses here too. We have Clinton’s bestman, a friend of 20+ years and a broomsman that I met when I first got to Sydney. We have friends here from Alice Springs (where we lived when I first came to Oz), Queensland, outback Western Australia and of course the Inner West!

The interactions between everyone in the picture too is very telling. Each of us laughing and joining in. Clinton and I with our broomsmaids (if we were ‘Wills’ they would be our ‘Graces’s). Our shoulders and arms so close. Our Broomsmen looking on and having a giggle and yet somehow looking over / after us.

Then of course our kids. Getting our son to look at the camera is a nightmare….always…… but here he is comfortable and an integral part of our lives and the picture. The fact that our daughter is watching her feet, we love as this is her, taking care and telling us what to do and where to go.

Lastly the place. We are both guys who love the country but don’t get out much. Here we are with beautiful open sky’s in the open and chilled to the bone……but can you really tell.

We are just enjoying ourselves too much!!

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