Who Said That A Wedding Album Is Old Fashioned?

It seems to be the trend lately, not to purchase an album when couples invest in their wedding photography, but to just take the images on a USB. Recently we have had quite a few couples come to us just wanting their photos delivered on a USB. We really ask ourselves why? Why would you put all that investment in a professional photojournalist (story teller) photographer for such an important day, to just have the memories stored on a USB and / or left on your hard drive. Would you send your invitations out digitally too? So let us explain to you why we believe the wedding album is an important investment. And no, its not because we want to sell it to you, but we want you to keep your memories of our wonderful work alive forever.

Well, to just have your wedding photos delivered on a USB, is a simple option and of course it is less expensive. We are all trying to make ends meet and cut out unnecessary expenses, fair enough. As well, you can easily add them to social media, you can print which ones you want and for whoever you want. The thing is, a wedding is "hopefully" a once (or second) in a lifetime event and one that you want to treasure for eternity. It is just as important as the birth of a first child.

These days everything is digital and we can access everything about our life from our iPad or iPhone and it's just so simple. We want everything to be simplified. Well, thats great and of course life simplified is the perfect utopia. But there are just some things that you shouldn't want simplified.

Some things which just arent so simple no matter how you look at them.

A wedding is one of those life events which is not simple. It's detailed and intricate and most of us spend lots of time and money in organisation and preparation, on making sure that day is as special and magical as possible. A day that no one forgets and that is imprinted in our minds and those around us forever.

So, to have a good photographer, is one of the most important investments of that day. It is second to your dress and your venue. Of course, you want someone who knows how to capture the emotions and feelings and record one of your most memorable life events, so that it lives forever. At the same time, should it not be just as important to keep those memories preserved in the best possible way?

An album is perfect for this. Yes, really. No, it is not old fashioned. It's timeless. It's modern. It's contemporary. It is a work of art, telling the visual story of your day. Well, at least that is how the albums that we deliver are. We honestly believe you may not appreciate it at the very moment, but we can guarantee you that in 5 years or even less, you will cherish it. Each time you bring out that visual story book of memories, and look back over that special day, the emotions, the feelings, the colours, the people and your loved ones, will come to life once again in a poetic and visual timelessness.

Think of the joy that you will get when you share this memory with your children in years to come, or when you are sitting around the fire on a cold winters night, with a glass of red, and decide to get the album out to reminisce with your partner. It is truly magic, and with our photojournalistic approach to photography, your album is more than just an album of posed and conventional shots, but a real life story from start to finish of beautiful high end photographic images.

Our albums are truly different. We can say that as we are the only ones in Australia making such albums, as they are hand made in a boutique studio in Spain and each one individually designed to meet our couples needs. We don't use templates and they are not mass produced. We design the albums based on the images that we capture. As well, we create beautiful logos for each album, to give a unique touch. Each one is a memoir of high fashion and design and as well, it is at a price well worth its emotional value and quality.

Of course if you really insist that you don't need an album we will respect it, but really think about the reasons as to why not. If you think you will take the time to go through the over 1000 images that we give you, and design and create your own album, then think again. We have spoken to a few of our couples who have decided to just go with the USB package, and each one has said they wished they had taken the album. You really never get the time to do your own album. As well, to sit down and show your friends and family over a 1000 images from your desktop does not carry the same power and emotion as letting them touch and hold such a beautiful printed piece of art, detailing the synthesis of your day. Seeing and feeling something printed is so much more powerful. Also, you do still get all those images when you purchase our album package, so actually you will win twice.

So when thinking about your wedding package, think and ask yourself how important it is to have the memories of that day captured in a truly memorable way. A way that you will be able to keep them and treasure them forever. Something that is modern, timeless and a true, high end printed syntheses of your very special story.

Manuel Vicente | Sydney Wedding Photographer.

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