"The photos themselves are beautiful and timeless. They reflect our day and our character"

Sydney Wedding Photojournalism

My wife and I were recommended to Manuel Vicente Photography by a friend of ours. We hit it off with our two photographers, Manuel and Benjamin, in our initial meeting and it was very clear that we shared a very similar vision with regards to our photos and how the day should proceed. Our second meeting before the wedding only server to confirm our initial thoughts from our first meeting - planning was meticulous (they reconfirmed all the details from our intial meeting, discussed logistics and we scouted out locations for our personal shots, post wedding ceremony), communication was constant and execution was flawless. They got great photos but didn't steal the show or dictate proceedings in the way that I have seen many other photographers take over a wedding day. The bride and groom were the focus and they got the story of the day almost by stealth. They were punctual, precise and professional. The photos themselves are beautiful and timeless. They reflect our day and our character. We have already reproduced some for our home and our parents for Christmas. Family members that have seen them have been very complimentary, both of the photos and the album. My wife looks beautiful and I look as good as I will ever look ! Communication since the wedding was constant and consistent. They absolutely stuck to their timelines with regards to the delivery of the photos. We had another meeting to decide on the content and the design of our wedding album - all of our meetings were great fun and we very much enjoy their company. The presentation of their work in finished format was beautiful. All pieces (be it USB and the album) were works of art. The album quality is extremly high European quality, fully imported from Spain, customised to your own desires. As stressful as a wedding day can be, I can honestly say that Manuel Vicente Photography was not part of that stress. If anything, the photography was the easiest part of the organisation. If you work with them, they will work with you and take care of everything on your day. Manuel and Ben, Thank you..

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